Educated abroad, but want to practice as a psychologist in Norway?

Every so often, The Norwegian Psychological Association gets contacted by persons educated abroad with an interest in settling and working as psychologists in Norway. They most often are wondering about which instances they have to contact in order to get the right to practice as psychologists, and our standard answer is:

In Norway the work of psychologists is regulated by the Norwegian Health Personnel Act (amended 9 March 1973 – Certification of psychologists) – see here  – by which the use of the title “Psychologist” is protected by a certification process that ensures that a certain level of education is attained before one can practice in the field of clinical psychology.

You have in other words to be authorized or licensed as a psychologist to use the title “Psychologist” in Norway. An application needs to be sent to The Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel in order to receive this authorization. We suggest you give them a call before you apply.

Go to their website.

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