The Norwegian Psychological Association (NPF) is a professional society for those who are authorized as psychologists in Norway. All members all have at least six years of university education and training in psychology, based on the scientific/practitioner model. We organize close to 11.000 members, which accounts for approximately 90 percent of authorized psychologists in Norway.  

We have four main pillars:

  1. We advocate psychology, psychological science and evidence-based practice in the society, including government, policy makers, user groups and the general public. We involve ourselves in matters concerning a wide range of professional issues, such as national health policy, psychological services, science & educational policies.
  2. We are responsible for the development, quality control and the facilitation of the five-year specialist education for authorized psychologists, over 4000 psychologists participates each year.
  3. We are a trade union for all members. We organize and train local, regional and national union representatives. And we take part in negotiations at all levels.
  4. Our monthly journal:“Tidsskrift for Norsk psykologforening”, publishes 12 times per year. We are also part owners of “Scandinavian Journal of Psychology”, jointly with the Nordic psychologist associations, and WILEY. 

Our main goals:

  • To safeguard the professional and financial interests of our members in their role as Psychologists.
  • To enhance the general population’s well being and quality of life by widely publicizing relevant psychological knowledge, and through policies relating to the implementation of clinical practice in all sectors on a regional and national level.
  • To further develop psychological knowledge and different clinical interventions thereby promoting the population’s need for psychological assistance.
  • To promote and maintain a high ethical standard among our members.
  • To promote scientific research and professional development relevant to the population’s needs.
  • To encourage cooperation and understanding between different professions, interest groups and stake holders that professional psychologists work together with.
  • To organize the work of the association in such a way so as to enhance NPF’s mandate.

Membership benefits:

  • Members subscribe to the monthly “Journal of the Norwegian Psychological Association” (Tidsskrift for Norsk psykologforening).
  • Members are encouraged to participate in an extensive number of professional courses and seminars.
  • Members are entitled to participate in regional professional boards and the association’s board of professional affairs.
  • Members have an opportunity to influence the future of the psychological profession on an international, national and regional level.
  • Members have access to more beneficial loans and insurance policies.

The Norwegian Psychological Association is:

  • An associated member of “Akademikerne”, the Norwegian trade union federation representing academic associations.
  • An associated member of the European Federation of Professional Psychologists’ Association – EFPA.
  • An associated member of the International Union of Psychological Sciences – IUPsyS.
  • An associated member of the Committee of Nordic Psychological Associations.

The organization

The Norwegian Psychological Association is made up of 19 local chapters. Each chapter is geographically linked to one of Norway’s 19 counties.

Every three years the national convention of the Norwegian Psychological Association meets to elect a central executive council. The national convention also passes important recommendations and statutes that regulate the principles governing the work of the association’s elected executive council and administrative branch. The national convention is made up of delegates elected by the 19 local chapters of the Association.

All psychologists employed in any private or public organization in Norway, are obliged to elect a colleague that represents the interests of the NPF at their work place. The representative ensures that the rights and interests of psychologists employed in their organization are protected and safeguarded. Elected representatives work in close cooperation with members of NPF’s central administration on significant issues such as salary negotiations and financial settlements.

Contact us:

Norsk psykologforening
Postboks 419 Sentrum, 0103 Oslo, Norway
Ph. +47 23 10 31 30
E -mail:  post@psykologforeningen.no
Homepage:  www.psykologforeningen.no
Visiting address: Kirkegata 2

Every so often, The Norwegian Psychological Association gets contacted by persons educated abroad with an interest in settling and working as psychologists in Norway. They most often are wondering about which instances they have to contact in order to get the right to practice as psychologists, and our standard answer is:

International Project on Core Competences in Professional Psychology.

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